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Study Group Class 9 - Underlying Competencies

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Read BABOKv3, 187-215

Suggested additional reading: International Institute of Business Analysis, The Business Analysis Competency Model, Version 4 (2017). http://www.iiba.org/Careers/Business-Analysis-Competency-Model.aspx
This class is open to those who are members of both the Chapter and IIBA International. 

Desired Outcomes:
•             Understand the underlying competencies included in the BABOKv3
•             Discuss the analytical-thinking and problem-solving competencies and associated techniques
•             Review the behaviors that create success in business analysis
•             Review the business knowledge areas relevant to business analysis
•             Review the communication competencies for BAs
•             Review the interaction competencies associated with business analysis
•             Discuss the tools and technology that help BAs do their job
•             Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
•             Behavioral Characteristics
•             Business Knowledge
•             Communication Skills
•             Interaction Skills
•             Tools and Technology

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Rick Morris