KC Chapter Professional Development Program

If you need help achieving your BA goals, we will soon have a chapter self-development
program to meet your needs. Current and potential members are the customers for this
collaborative program. We want to serve the basic requirement of support to preparation for
certification. We also want to explore going beyond certification by supporting advanced
professional development.

Certification by the IIBA requires detailed and flexible mastery of the Business Analysis Body of
Knowledge (BABOK). But, we must also build upon and go beyond the basics since our field is
rapidly expanding in scope to encompass a growing number of disciplines and job descriptions.
Without certification, BAs lack the last full measure of credibility and, as a result, are paid less.
Without continuous learning beyond that threshold, BAs run the danger of failing to advance
their organizational contributions and their careers.

Right now, paths to self-development include expensive courses or, alternatively, proceeding
alone without teachers, peer-to- peer interactions, or coaches with experience.

Our solution is a professional development program that includes classroom and virtual
instruction and working together in a community of practice. The initial focus is on certification
with rapid introduction of complementary learning to take us beyond the BABOK. This includes
disciplines and practices critical to innovation and crossing the chasm from traditional to digital
business. Benefits include higher pay (15% on average) for those who are certified,
collaborative self-development, and a growing, ever more relevant and dynamic chapter.
Success requires us to team together to teach, coach, and facilitate peer-to- peer interaction,
while adapting other chapters’ best practices and the global IIBA’s response to the digital

We have a need for facilitators, subject experts, and students alike. 

To express your interest, contact Rick Morris, PhD, at certification@kansascity.iiba.org

NOTE: IIBA and IIBA Kansas City Chapter membership is required to participate.