Become our IIBA® Chapter Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Why Sponsor?    

The Kansas City IIBA Chapter is always seeking sponsorship from companies that are committed to helping advance business analysis as a professional discipline and promote business analysis within the Kansas City metropolitan region.

Our ability to develop and participate in enriching programs for our business analysts can only happen with your support.  Some of the goals that we require funding to support are as follows:

  • Attraction of outstanding and relevant speakers to our events
  • Development of educational programs and opportunities for our members
  • Promotion of the organization and the importance of business analysis in Kansas City and beyond
  • Participation in charitable events important to advance business analysis, as well as additional community outreach opportunities where we could be of assistance.
  • Growth of the membership of the Kansas City chapter, to continue making this organization a strong force to support business analysts and our community

We welcome and urge you to help support your local Kansas City chapter of the IIBA®.  In return, we hope that we can offer your organization significant benefits as well.  Please view our sponsorship program through the link on the right for more details.  For more information on opportunities to contribute to this world-class organization, please contact