Welcome to the IIBA® Kansas City Chapter


Chapter Mission

Our purpose is to provide:

  • Presentations & content that showcase valuable business analysis methods & techniques.
  • A local space for our members to grow as professionals & advance their careers.

Chapter Vision

  • We will continue to be the premier KC area professional association for business analysts.
  • We will foster an environment of openness, learning, and connectivity.
  • We will be a place to build relationships with other KC area BA’s and IT professionals.
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July 2018 Chapter Meeting FeatureBan! Is your Agile organization at a plateau? There is a secret ingredient that can take your Agile delivery to the next level, and it's name is "Flow". We will learn what flow is by running a simulation called FeatureBan that shows the benefits of Lean thinking applied to the movement of...
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New Agile Analysis Certification Offered IIBA has added a new certification that specifically addresses the role of BA's in agile development teams.  Check out the video or the link for more information! Watch the Video IIBA Agile Analysis Certification